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"Life is Not Only for Me" I have a responsibility to my family and my society. I am spending a portion of my every income on helpless people and social development. I promise to myself, I will continue my social work until my death.

One Man One Tree

Initiator & Co-Founder

Mission: The mission of "One Man One Tree Initiatives" is to create a global movement that encourages and empowers individuals to actively participate in tree plantation initiatives.

Vision: Our vision is a world where every individual recognizes the crucial role of trees in maintaining ecological balance and takes personal responsibility for planting and nurturing trees.

15 January 2022 - Continue

Road To School

Founder & Volunteer Teacher

Road2School (R2S) is an education-centered project aimed at raising literacy rates and educational awareness within the highly impoverished slum communities of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Our aim is to provide financial support and guidance to these kids, provide them with educational and recreational services, enroll them in school, and keep them there.

In addition to getting the kids admitted to a school, we have teachers who would consistently monitor the progress of each student, make appropriate interventions for further improvement and provide personal attention, and introduce them to the world of opportunities that education opens.

With the extended support of our enthusiastic, dedicated and diligent supporters and students, we eagerly vision a bright future lying ahead of these special kids.

15 November 2012 - Continue

Youth Walk Bangladesh

Founder Member & Volunteer

Education Program: Our aim is to provide financial support and guidance to these kids, provide them with educational and recreational services, enroll them in school, and keep them there.

Awareness Program: Trash The Ash (TTA) is an awareness raising project that targets Bangladeshi school and college students to open their eyes to the often ignored dangers of narcotics and fight the culture of smoking and substance abuse in our country.

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YOUNIFI is a virtual platform that enables non-profits and young citizens to come together and create social good. YOUNIFI is a virtual platform that enables non-profits, social organizations, youth initiatives, and campus organizations to get connected with active young citizens.

15 August 2014 - 10 March 2016

Porshee Foundation

Deputy Secretary & Volunteer Coordinator

Our mission is to work with individuals and communities where extreme poverty compromises human dignity. Our engagement is aimed at achieving positive changes through educational, health-care and economic programs enabling children, men and women to improve their lives

15 Jun 2013 - 15 January 2015

YAP Foundation

Join Secretary

Our mission is to provide Technological, Mechanical and practical procedural education for developing human resource and creating self-employment opportunity through our communal effort. Helping people affected by any national disaster.

10 January 2013 - Continue

CCP Foundation


CCP Foundation work on under privileged people to overcome their poverty. and help their children to be educated and having training in craftsmanship. They will stand by the side of people during natural disaster. It's entirely non profitable charitable organization. It is now have a school for under privileged children at Uttara.

1 October 2012 - 31 January 2014

Notun Provat

Initiator & Founder

To provide volunteer teacher in the primary & middle schools of those areas suffering due to the shortage of teachers in an attempt to minimize the shortage to teachers.

17 April 2012 - 20 October 2013

Nobo Digonter Pathshala

Managing Volunteer Teacher

A different kind of educational institution for the underprivileged children. The motto of this organization is to change the lifestyle of underprivileged children through a non-formal education curriculum

16 February 2012 - 12 January 2014

Change The Lives

Volunteer Coordinator

This is an organization for the youth of Bangladesh. It aims to promote the youth leadership through constructive engagement in society and initiate the changes in the lives of the disadvantaged populations. Especially they work on street children life-changing.

5 November 2011 - 10 July 2013