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The Odoo functional training is necessary to give insight into the extensive functionalities of Odoo ERP modules to its users. Without having knowledge of the features and functionalities of the system, users will not be able to use Odoo correctly.
Services Included

Infrastructure providers and end-users who want to achieve a deeper functional understanding of Odoo.

Training for employees on how to use the newly implemented Odoo ERP to become more productive and generate value for your business

For companies already using or implementing Odoo

The administration training will help the admin department to track the processes if everything is working fine or not. Also, this training will include the 

Significance of Odoo Functional Training

Enhances Business Productivity

The ultimate goal of implementing an ERP system is to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the organization. It can be achieved only when the business will get functional training services after implementation. The training will help your employees to automate day to day operations, minimize the total time consumed on tasks, and it will also reduce the costs connected with particular tasks. When your employees did not get the proper training you will see the exact opposite is happening in your business.

Prevents From Incurring Losses

As we know, the ERP implementation costs you your time and money, simply put it is a significant investment for any business. Anyway, this investment will ultimately pay for itself, since the ERP implementation ensures the improvement in productivity and profitability of the organization. The user training will help you make full use of the ERP system and your investment will not go to waste. When your employees will be able to work on their tasks efficiently, it will save their time and they can spend more time on higher value tasks that directly impact the organization's growth.

Improves Precision of Work

When the employees get the proper Odoo ERP training and understand how the system works, it will ensure that they are following the right process to complete their tasks. It will definitely improve the accuracy in the work, also with the consistent tracking features the managers will know what employee is doing what, and if all the employees are on the right path or not, and so on. Furthermore, the right training makes sure that everything is occurring in a standardized manner, from the exchange of data to the other work related functions.

Motivates Employees

While Odoo ERP implementation is seen as a ray of hope that will improve efficiency and productivity, it's not always seen as a favorable change by the organization's employees. Once they get the right Odoo functional training, they will understand how the ERP implementation will help them ease their work. Also, sometimes employees think they cannot use the software as they are handling tasks manually for so long. But once our Odoo consultants and experts provide the training, the employees will know that Odoo is a really easy to use solution.

Role Based Training

I provide our clients role based training, it makes the training sessions less complicated. Most of the time, clients think about where to start the training and how the training will be conducted effectively. Provides excellent functional training to my clients by dividing the training sessions into several segments. I focus on role based training, which means, in one training session only a single department will participate. For example, in first training session, I provide training to the administration department and help them understand how to operate the system and define user roles using the system.

Objectives of Odoo Functional Training

Course Prerequisites

  • Passion for learning Odoo functionality
  • Basic knowledge in handling PC
  • Internet connectivity
  • Basic Ideas towards accounting terms
  • Knowledge in handlingat least one of the following process (sales, purchase, invoicing & accounting)
  • Access Odoo online
  • Ability to maintain good attention to detail and have strong problem-solving skills.
  • Target Audience

  • Odoo End Users
  • Odoo Consultants
  • Business Owners
  • IT Officers
  • Accounts Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • IT Administrator and IT Support
  • Any from the field of IT and Accounts
  • After the completion of this course, you will be able to

  • Successfully install, administer and configure Odoo through standard modules and create new modules
  • Become an efficient Odoo consultant capable of offering valuable advice to enhance the productivity of an organization.
  • Perform competent GAP Analysis and required changes in front-end
  • Business processes and automation with OdooERP
  • OdooERP functionalities
  • Dynamic Business Workflows
  • Munzurul Hasan Portfolio


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    Questions That Arise in Your Mind

    Odoo training plan that includes what will be the department wise sequence to provide training:

    Administration Training – This training session involves how to configure the system correctly so that the team can use the system effectively.

    Accounts and Finance – The accounting department will learn how to use accounting modules and make the accounts and finance operations more efficient.

    Furthermore, the team moves forward with the department like Sales, Purchase, Warehouse, and more.

    Cost of Odoo training depends on how long the training session is. In other words, the cost is based on the time duration of the training program.

    Yes, we do provide the training session recordings. In case you miss any session, you will still be able to catch up by reviewing the recordings.

    I offer an Odoo online training as well as offline Odoo training program. Though online training is more convenient because location constraints will not be an issue in the way of learning. We connect via Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet. Further, you can hire the offline consultants for offline training but in this case you will have to bear the additional charges.

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