Pharmacy Management Solution Features Overview

Pharmacy Management Solution Overview

Pharmacy POS Management are software systems designed to streamline and optimize various aspects of pharmacy operations, including inventory management, billing, reporting, and more. These solutions aim to improve efficiency, accuracy, and patient care within a pharmacy setting. Also, this pharmacy management streamlines online and offline store management.

Create Medicine Products in the Backend

  • The application allows you to create medicine (products) from the backend.
  • Add details like salt composition, salt alternate, medicine use, side effects, etc.
  • You can also manage multiple UOM (Units of Measure) for a medicine.


Advance Search

  • Use the advanced search icon or menu option from the menu.
  • Enable/disable the advanced search with a click from the backend.
  • It helps filter out products quickly according to the selected criteria.


Enhanced POS Interface

  • Added a new interface for the POS front end to ease navigation.
  • The new interface helps sort and filter out products easily and smoothen the process.


Configuring various Elements from Backend

  • You can enable or disable multiple settings from the backend.
  • You can add or remove different elements related to the pharmacy from the setting menu.


Adding Medicine Details from the Backend

  • You can add various details related to medicine.
  • Add manufacturers, diseases, salts, usage, side effects, chemical class, and more.


Display Medicine Details

  • The app adds a medicine information icon over the product image.
  • The icon opens a popup that shows every related information related to the medicine.


Adding a Secondary Screen in POS

  • The Pharmacy POS Management module allows you to add and show products on the secondary customer screen.


Quick pay Payment Option

  • This application allows you to confirm the order with the payment amount smoothly.


Check and locate Alternate Medicine

  • The module also shows alternate medicine and their links in the medicine information popup.


Configuring the Default Product View

  • You can choose between grid and list view for your default POS product display.


Product Images in Order line

  • If configured from the backend, the Odoo app shows product images in the order line.


Specify Details to Show in Product Information Popup

  • You can select the details to show the medicine information popup while configuring the module from the backend.


Empty the Cart at Once in POS

  • The application allows deleting/emptying the entire cart with just a click.
  • You can use the cancel icon to remove individual product units.


Adding Doctors to the Order

  • You can add a doctor to the order identical to adding a customer.
  • The Order receipt will show the doctor’s name in the Odoo backend

Pharmacy Management Solutions Features

Inventory Management

  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Track your products and supplies.
  • Stock level alerts
  • Medicine expiry tracking
  • Out-of-stock medicine tracking
  • Inventory adjustment
  • Configure pharmacy product
  • Single medicine add
  • Bulk medicine import
  • Unit measurement
  • Stock Analysis
  • Serial/lot numbers


Pharmacy Billing with POS System

  • Order screen
  • Offline order
  • Offline online Synchronization
  • Customized receipts
  • Customer Added
  • Doctor Added
  • Discount
  • Alternate medicine in product details
  • Add alternate products to the cart
  • Product list and grid view
  • Advance medicine search options
  • Barcode scan
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Order refunds


Medicine Product-Specific Information System

  • Medicine manufacture Creations
  • Creating diseases
  • Creating salt
  • Creating salt unit
  • Creating medicine salt
  • Adding medicine usage
  • Adding side effects
  • Adding safety advice
  • Creating chemical class
  • Therapeutic class
  • Action class creation
  • Adding fact box


Reporting and Analytics

  • Sales summary
  • Payment Summary
  • Product Summary


POS Session Management

  • Session-wise Orders
  • Session wise Cash management
  • Session wise Order Summary
  • Session wise Payment Summary